All Sand Is Not Created Equal


Flat Rock Bagging is an exclusive distributor of BrightLine® Filter Media in the Michigan - one of the most widely known environmentally-friendly filter products in the industry. Each bag of BrightLine® is made from 100% recycled glass material.

what is brightline filter media?

Filtration materials are commonly used in residential pools and wastewater treatment plants in place of anthracite or sand. BrightLine® Glass Media is the pool sand alternative for all Sand Filters Residential and Commercial Filters. BrightLine Filter Media is engineered for better filtration. BrightLine® is compatible with all pool types where a sand filter is used. BrightLine® Media can be used with pea gravel. Compared to other filter media, BrightLine® offers easier backwash filtration and more efficient particle suspension. Improving clarity, saving energy and extending filter life.

• Filters 6 times better than Sand. Filters out debris down to 5 Microns.

Sand filters to about 30 microns, Cartridges 10 microns, DE 3-5 microns.
• About the same price as sand.
• Doesn’t channel. Backwashes more efficiently reducing chemical and water consumption.
• Filters at an increased flow rate. Faster turnover.
• Filters at a lower pressure. Less strain on equipment.

• Eco-Friendly. Each bag contains 106 recycled glass bottles.

• Uses 20% less media to do a better job. 40 lbs of Brightline = 50 lbs of Sand
• Last approximately 3 times longer than sand.

• Contains less silica than sand. Silica is a known carcinogenic.

• NSF Recognized for both Residential and Commercial pool use.